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SSRI. Sufi salon Reflective intimacy

Become a trainee.

Training virtually with Sufi Salon, in groups, will teach you the techniques, the appropriate speech, stance and demeanor to have when trying to reach another human heart.

Going through the training, you can heal your own heart and be ready to do the same for others.
Sufi Salon has incorporated the most innovative culminating techniques of today to allow a person to release stress at least, and to help bring forth mental healing at best.

The labels given to people with emotional crisis are crippling. They function to indicate a coping mechanism of trauma. We don’t ask the question, “What’s wrong with you?” But we ask the question “What” happened to you?” and we do so in the most subtle of ways, with tried and tested techniques of sitting with compassion with the other, divesting both the client and the Presenter of any labels of grandeur or constraints to help the human heart to heal. We all know instinctively not to judge, argue, order or compel in our relationships.
Yet we come from families where such tactics led to trauma.

This can give rise to mental instability, stemming from loss of control of the decisions affecting ones life.
Unequal power structures in families, work, the health system, and school can be traumatizing.
Producing a safe haven even in short intervals of time and space can help heal.
We may not be able to at the drop of a hat enter into a mutually respectful relationship as it is based on finding such people.

With Sufi Salon training, we create that environment for you, a safe haven of peace, that you may not have had growing up, you may not even have right now in this moment, nor know where to find, until now.

When we reach critical mass of teaching enough Presenters of Sufi Salon, we will have a platform to offer this service to mankind, 24/7.

Train with a Sufi to be a Presenter
Level 1 and Level 2 – digital download of two four video sessions recorded live.