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Here to hear you, our presenters attune to you to elicit your own emotional adjustments.

Sufi Salon is offering a brand new way of connecting heart to heart with someone that is in its own category in terms of healing the mind and heart. It just allows the person to guide their own mental self healing and exude with their own solutions merely by sitting with someone who has no agenda.

It is open to someone who is in distress or just wants to talk and sit with someone to sort things out.

Do you know what the number one crisis in the last year has been?

No it’s not the pandemic. It’s the pandemonium that erupted in individual homes leaving those who had never had an emotional crisis before to enter the foray of being labelled with a mental illness.

We at Sufi Salon do not care what label you were given by an authority.

That is between you and your practitioner.

But we do care that in between your visits with professionals, you are offered unlimited access to continue your self growth.

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