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Angry Eyes

We all hate that look, any time we come across it, you know, that glare, whether it comes from a parent, partner, friend or foe, it causes fright and makes us want to flee.

Well the glare is not so bad as the google wide eyed scare, where we notice someone has gone beyond the realm of reality into a distant place, not sure where, but they’re definitely not here, but gone or a goner.  It can be frightening, electrifying but definitely not comfortable even if we get just a glance of it on a passerby. 

Mostly we assume it is an individual that is enraged at someone so much that they don’t even care who else sees them in that state, or more likely they are so out of control that they don’t even know that people are glaring back at them, easily detectable from even a mile away, even amidst a throngs of crowds.

There are only a few reasons people get to that extreme wanderlust, wide eyed stare, one of the reasons is rarely known or spoken about, except to experts like Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, who probably knows that look better than anyone else in the world, having looked at over 5000 such faces throughout her 30+ career, studying what is behind those hungry eyes:  RBD, or REM sleep disorder. 

This sleep disorder, can best be described as someone who looks conscious, but if their brain were scanned the EEG report would display that they are sleeping, due to being in a constant sleep deprived state, even after physically sleeping, but never reaching the REM state (rapid eye movement when we are in deep sleep).  The brain scan would reveal that they are in Delta or Theta state while walking, mainly caused by being on an SSRI or some other serotonergic drug, drugs that build a toxic soup of serotonin such that the brain is swimming in it, much more even than the overflowing amount that same individual has coursing in the blood. 

Here’s what Dr. Tracy says in her book, “Prozac:  Panacea or Pandora?”:

When asleep we have either full blown Delta or full blown Theta waves within the brain and occasionally throughout the night, while in deep sleep, we will have both patterns simultaneously. This occurrence of simultaneous full blown delta and theta can also happen when under anesthesia.

This Prozac patient’s brain waves are showing him in full blown Delta and full blown Theta, a total anesthetic sleep pattern, with his eyes wide open on Prozac. After only six months of using this drug his brain waves indicate a deep sleep pattern while he appears alert and functioning – a sleepwalk state. This lends understanding to the many reports from those around Prozac patients about their blank staring into space, which is common in a sleepwalk state. This patient’s brain is most likely attempting to compensate for lost REM sleep and his brain waves indicate that he is experiencing a deep sleep pattern while “awake”.

Whether medically related or otherwise, most all cultures also have some understanding about such a glare, that it can be when someone is giving the ‘evil eye’ or as it is called in Arabic, simply the ‘ayn’ or the ‘eye.’

Other medical reasons for that outer space look can be hypoglycemia or a thyroid disorder.  In fact, one of the only times we may reminisce fondly about those interlocking protruding eyes, if ever, is when it stems from a well of stifled words from a loved one, that transmutes into a mountain of messages.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, especially if it is our mother.

Here at SufiSalon, those “Angry Eyes” would be an example of something we would never want to see in our Presenter trainings nor in our Sit ins. In fact we would love it if none of us ever saw that look on anyone in our lives ever again, sign up for one of our training sessions so we can help the world get rid of those Angry Eyes.